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COVID-19 information

    Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, Vondel Hotels has taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees. 

    Please note that our employees are aware of the measures taken. Naturally, we apply a strict sick report policy for all employees. For more information and questions about the coronavirus COVID-19 we refer you to the website of the RIVM.  
    For questions about bookings or about security measures at our hotels, please contact us via email or telephone +31 (0)20 5 150 453. 

    The well-being of our colleagues and guests is our number one priority.
    We hope to welcome you soon!


    Public spaces 

    • All public areas (including the lobby, reception, toilets etc.) are disinfected on a regular basis. 
    • A disinfectant hand gel is available at the entrance of the hotel and at the reception.
    • In the hotel we use one-way traffic routes as much as possible.
    • Where possible, there is a separate hotel entrance and hotel exit with a clear route signposted on the floor and walls. 
    • The lift is only used to go upstairs. We ask guests to take the stairs down so that the one-way traffic measure can be ensured. 
    • Distance stickers are placed where necessary.


    Check-in procedure 

    • During the check-in procedure, we make sure that there are as few contact moments as possible.
    • Plexiglas screens where necessary at the reception.
    • All our employees avoid hand contact as much as possible.
    • Contactless payment is required.



    • The hotel rooms are extra disinfected according to the measures of the RIVM.
    • Unfortunately we are not able to serve breakfast as usual. Therefore breakfast is served in a Breakfast Bag in front of the room around 8 AM.



    • Inside the restaurant we use one-way traffic as much as possible.
    • To guarantee the 1.5 meter distance there are less couverts available.
    • The seats and the 1.5 meter distance are signposted.